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Our History

In late 2003 our Director, Art Thomas and his family were called to the Addiction “Helps” Ministry. By March of 2005 they opened their first recovery home for addicts called the Mitchell Beckett Discipleship Home in Modesto, CA. In 2009 he founded the Freedom In Truth (FIT) Ministry & opened their 2nd home in Modesto. In 2010 he started “Freedom Ranch” in Ripon, CA. Freedom Ranch is still successfully helping addicts today. Early in 2017, Brother Thomas founded FIT Ministries International to increase the ministry’s reach to a National & Worldwide influence. Brother Thomas then moved his family to a more central location in Blanchard, OK where he currently manages Victory Ranch…

Our Staff & Volunteers

Our Staff and Volunteers, here at Victory Ranch, each have a strong desire and passion to see the students find lasting victory from addictions and sin through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Each staff member knows how difficult breaking free from the snare of addiction can be. The goal of each staff member is to provide a biblically structured environment, while being empathetic and showing love in order to promote a real relationship with Jesus Christ to help addicts know true freedom. Most staff members live on Victory Ranch to provide constant support, direction, and encouragement to our students. The relationships that are forged through this ministry often last many years.

Our Mission

Our mission at this live in rehabilitation facility is to train & empower men, women, & young people to live victorious Christian lives, enabling them to have permanent freedom and real addiction recovery. Our goal is one of sustained victory as the result of a change in the character of the addict, not just a surface adjustment of activity. As a faith based program our success is attributed to a change brought about by God’s grace in the heart of the individual who finds forgiveness through repentance & receives God’s help in overcoming the strongholds of addiction.



Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and reach more people who are struggling. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated as it will help fund our mission.

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