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Art Thomas

Ministry Director

Brother Art Thomas was saved in 1995 from a life of sin and addiction. Over the years God has miraculously transformed his life through the power of the gospel. He now teaches student at Victory Ranch the very same principles God used to change his life.
In 2004 Brother Thomas answered God’s call on his life to preach the gospel. During that year he began to teach a weekly addictions class in his local church. God put a burden on his heart for the addicted of his community that grew very quickly. In 2006 he and his family started a Christ centered discipleship home for addicts in Modesto, CA. His ministry has witnessed many addicts who have gained victory over their addictions through the power of Jesus Christ & the principles found in God’s Word. In March of 2009 Brother Thomas founded the FIT Ministry with a vision of some day having a ranch property to reach addicts throughout the “West Coast”. In March of 2011, after 7 years in the addictions ministry and nearly 5 years of full time Christian service, Brother Thomas was officially ordained to the Gospel Ministry & in June of 2011 God brought to pass Brother Thomas’ vision with the opening of “Freedom Ranch” in Ripon, CA.
Early in 2017, Brother Thomas experienced yet another increase in his ministry’s vision and followed the call of God to Oklahoma City where he and his family are now members of Beth Haven Baptist Church. He and his wife Michele both serve full time at the Victory Ranch Discipleship Homes. Brother Thomas also manages & directs the National chapter of the HOPE International Addictions Program in addition to traveling & training other churches to reach addicts across the country. He finds it a privilege and high honor to serve the men & women God has called him to.

Dr. Rick Carter, Jr.

Ministry Counselor & Pastor

Dr. Rick Carter, Jr. began in full time ministry in 1994 starting a church in Oberlin Kansas. In 1999 he took a short break to get his education at Beth Haven Baptist Seminary, ultimately receiving his Doctorate in Biblical Counseling. He is currently the pastor of Beth Haven Baptist Church in Oklahoma City. Dr. Carter is also the author of the H.O.P.E. International Addictions Program, and president of the Beth Haven Baptist Seminary.
His great concern is helping people through the application of the Word of God in Biblical counsel. He firmly believes 2 Peter 1:3 is true when it says that God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness. This is the passion that drives him to minister in many different facets, with the goal of reaching & impacting the lives of as many people as possible.
Dr. Carter devotes a large amount of time counseling the members of Beth Haven Baptist Church & the students here. His involvement & counsel each week with the students at Victory Ranch is highly beneficial & necessary to their recovery.

Michelle Thomas

Ministry Assistant

Michele Thomas was born into a family of addiction. She has been in the foster care system and was adopted twice. She trusted Christ as her Savior in the summer of 1986 and surrendered to do whatever the Lord wanted her to. During youth conference in her teen years, she felt called to go to Bible College & later attended Golden State Baptist College majoring in Elementary Education. In March of 1998 she met Art Thomas and they married in 1999. Michele has faithfully served in the Addictions Ministry since 2004 & currently serves at Victory Ranch as the Director’s Assistant. Due to circumstances in her early years, Michele has always had a desire to help those struggling with addiction & enjoys the ministry God has called her to. She is blessed to see the many miracles & lives being changed through God’s grace.

Tyler Hudson

Men’s Dorm Supervisor

Tyler was saved April 13, 2017 and from that day forward God spared no time in changing Tyler from the inside out. Tyler soon realized that salvation is not a means to an end but rather the beginning of a new life; a life with CHRIST. He explains it this way, “I can tell I am only at the beginning of the road, but the road I am on is the right road, and that is all that matters.“ One day while praying, the LORD filled Tyler’s heart with a warmth and joy, putting Victory Ranch and the people here on his heart. It wasn’t long thereafter that Tyler surrendered to the will of God for his life and began taking steps to join the staff here at Victory Ranch. He now lives at the Ranch and serves as a Dorm Supervisor, while also attending Beth Haven Baptist Seminary. Tyler is also a faithful worker and loves serving in our Church’s Bus Ministry. We are privileged to have Tyler at Victory Ranch and are very excited to see where God‘s will leads him.